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The Miaouli Square, with the statue of Andreas Miaoulis (1889) and the marble bandstand (1907) with reliefs of Apollo and the Muses.

The Town Hall. The imposing structure in Ermoupoli, took 22 years to finish. Founded in 1876 and completed in 1898. The architect was Ernest Chiller and the mayor then, D. Vafiadakis. It is open to the public in the mornings and sometimes Saturday and Sunday.

The Archaeological Museum, housed in the northwest of the Town Hall, with entrance from the street Emm. Benaki. There are exhibited finds from protocycladic to Byzantine era. It is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 am. – 3:00 pm. Entrance is free and the telephone number is +30 22810 88487.

The Historical Archive of the Cyclades is housed on the first floor of the mansion Ladopoulou to the left of the City Hall. These rich information archives, dating from 1821 and are open to any researcher or just visitor.

The Cultural Centre of Syros is housed on the first floor, in the building right of the City Hall. There, is also the Museum of Cycladic Art, a donation of I. & E. Vati with copies of the Protocycladic civilization. On the ground floor, with entrance from the street Themis, the art gallery “Ermoupoli” can be found.

The Public Library of Syros is housed on the ground floor of the Cultural Center, on the right of the Town Hall. It contains 35,000 books, many of which are very old and rare. In the small garden in front of the Library, there are busts of Emmanuel Roidis, George Souris, Dim. Vikela, Tim. Ambelas and Rita Boumi-Pappas.

The first High School in Greece opened in 1833 in Ermoupolis, in which Eleftherios Venizelos and Petros Protopapadakis were students. In the same building, behind the Town Hall, nowadays resides the 1st Gymnasium.

The Cathedral of the Metamorfosi, is located at the end of the granite street, about 200 meters on the left, behind the Town Hall. In the yard of the church the first inhabitants of Syros were gathered and “named” the town. It is rich in relics and pictures. At the southern entrance, Anthimos Gazis was buried in 1828.

The Church of the Koimisi was built in 1829 and hosts the famous image of the Virgin Mary, of Dominicus Theotokopoulos (El Greco). The building of the Merchant Marine School, on the waterfront. In this building was housed the first telegraph in Greece, in 1858 and employed 160 employees.

The impressive buildings and the Customs Warehouse in the port, built in 1861. In this area are now the Customs and the Cycladic Art Gallery which was created in 1994.

The Apollo Theater was built in 1864, which was designed by P.Sampo and had many moments of glory until the German occupation, when it was destroyed almost completely. In recent decades, several repair attempts took place, which now appears to be complete.

The St. Nicholas Church is located near the Apollo Theater. The church was built in 1905 after 61 years of work. It is a beautiful temple admired by every visitor. In the small garden in front of the church there is the monument of “the non-buried fighter”, the first monument erected to the unknown freedom fighters, made by the sculptor G. Vitalis (1880) and the busts of the brothers Rethymnis, benefactors.

The Church of the Resurrection (Anastasi), is at the top of the hill Dili, theright hill as viewed from the harbor. The left hill, Ano Syros has the catholic church of St. George on the top of it.

The Shipyard (Karnayio) and the boatyard (Tarsanas) right next to it, is the construction and repair areas of wooden boats and are located next to the large shipyard of the island, Neorio.

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Useful telephone numbers
Phone code +30 22810
Fire station 199, +30 22810 87383
Police station 100, +30 22810 96100, +30 22810 96112, +30 22810 96127
Municipal police of Syros +30 22810 82525
Hospital +30 22810 86666, +30 22810 96500, +30 22810 96523
IKA of Syros +30 22810 82340, +30 22810 82440
Taxi +30 22810 86222, +30 22810 84222
Citizen Service Center – Hermoupolis +30 22813 61300
Port +30 22810 88888, +30 22810 82690
Airport +30 22810 81900, +30 22810 87025
Bus station +30 22810 82575
Town Hall +30 22810 82500, +30 22810 88992
Customs +30 22810 82680
Post office +30 22810 82590, +30 22810 82596
Telecommunications Organisation of Greece – Hermoupolis +30 22810 95509, +30 22810 86099
National gym of Syros +30 22810 82243
Indoor gym of Syros +30 22810 88654
Association of Tourist Accommodation +30 22810 84356, +30 22810 86452
Regional Tourist Office +30 22810 82375
National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) +30 22810 81206

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Official website of Syros
Municipality of Ermoupolis
Municipality of Ano Syros
Cyclades Chamber
Tourist Lodgements Association of Syros